Just "Tri" it!

Just "Tri" it!

Why Tri?

Let me explain...

"Tri" represents the three sides to a successful tutoring experience: foundations, strategies, and student effort. Through these three aspects, students can grow rapidly and effectively, whether that means reading more fluently, drawing better free-body diagrams in physics, or improving scores on a standardized test.

About Hannah

I am a former high school physics and chemistry teacher, also certified to teach math in both middle and high school by the state of Massachusetts. I have experience working with elementary, middle, high school, and college students with a variety of ability levels, including special education. I generally work with students on SAT and ACT preparations, college applications, middle school reading and writing, and with all levels on math and science, including college-level courses.  I now also run workshops at many local libraries.

Library Workshops

Are you a librarian?

In order to efficiently help others and share my expertise, I also offer workshops and courses at local libraries. At this time, the following workshops are being offered:

  • College Application Essay Writing (for high school Juniors and Seniors)
  • The College Testing and Application Process (for parents of high school Juniors)
  • Four-Part SAT Prep Series (for high school Juniors and Seniors, depending on the time of year)

If you would like more information on how these workshops work or you would like to offer one at your library, please send me an email ( or call (508.314.2550)


The Three Sides to TriTutoring

Solidifying Foundation

Some people enter tutoring for growth, and others enter tutoring to "catch up" on basic material that they feel they've missed. Either way, as a tutor, I prioritize understanding a student's basic comfort with a topic, finding gaps in their foundational knowledge, and helping them grow by taking a step back to fill these gaps. 

Teaching Strategies

A problem or sentence that a student struggles with is not an independent learning moment. The best thing we can do is to teach towards future moments by coming up with strategies that we can use. This can apply to reading (finding patterns, understanding our mistakes, etc.), math and science (strategizing for types of questions), and standardized testing (determining what are they testing and how we can better approach the problem). 

Supporting Effort

Why don't I collect statistics on student improvement and scoring? The third side of the triangle, often forgotten or under-appreciated, is the effort of the student and their willingness to learn. It is important to enter the experience with a positive attitude, ready to absorb the information in whatever way we decide is best for the student. This is a team effort! 

Contact Me

Every student has unique needs for support. Tell me more about what you are hoping a tutor can do for you, and we can make sure this is a great fit!


(508) 314-2550

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